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CONGRATULATIONS to our newest [ Philosophy Films ]

Program 2017 -- 90 minutes

Official Selections -- 2017

In Focus Memories - directed by Danilo Torre (Italy)
Cycles - directed Felix Piñeiro (USA)
Aquarius - directed Timo Zhalnin (Russia)
Mum, I'm back - directed by Dimitris Katsimiris (Greece)
The Dwarfs - directed by Piotr Sulkowski (Poland)
America Heard: Refuge of Hope - directed by Yasmin Mistry (USA)
Beach Scene - directed by Gonçalo Ribeiro (Portugal)
Hallway - directed by Rob Summons (Australia)
The beekeeper - directed by Mohammad Talebi (Iran)
Shift - directed by Juan Carlos Zaldivar (USA)
Tanya - directed by Mary Sedyaeva (Russia)
Repechage - directed by Amir Ghorbani (Iran)
Back to the Water - directed by Brent Lambert-Zaffino (USA)

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